Restoration Contacts

By David Baggs

Shortly after I joined the Committee, Paul Blake as then President asked me to record and publish all the Restoration contacts, and suppliers I developed during the process of resurrecting our beloved BJ8 featured in this recent article.

So below begins a list that will eventually not just be a list of contacts and sources we had great experiences with, but also those of other members.

THIS IS A LIVE LIST OF PRE-QUALIFIED SOURCES AND SUPPLIERS, so anyone who feels they have a contact that deserves to be on the list, that THEY HAVE HAD A GREAT PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH, please contact me with their details and I will be happy to add them to the list.

Restoration Suppliers and Service Providers

Item or
Full- & Part-Service Restorations: Peter & Brett JanetskiJH Classic Car Restorations0438 324 959jhclassics@bigpond.comYatala, QLDPeter, Brett and the team provide comprehensive body and mechanical full service restorations for Healeys and other cars. They specialise in steel and alloy panel fabrication, modification & repairs and full body, paint and interiors. There cars regularly win awards and concourses (ours did too!) JH are also long term active club members and sponsors.
Stuart CuttingNingi Classic Car Speed Shop0418 547 140sjcutting@bigpond.comNingi, Sunshine Coast, QLDStuart provides full service body and mechanical restorations, specialising in engine tuning and modifications, body restoration and modifications, full fabrication, mechanical, welding and machining. NCCSS is also a long term active club member and sponsor.
Lucas Electricals WhispererLee CollinsN/A0410 553 333Calypso Bay, Gold Coast, QLDLee is the club's go-to electrical restorer and repairer for all things Lucas. What a knowledgeable, affable and capable person he is. What he doesnt know about LUCAS, is not worth knowing. He is a long time club member.

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